Cesar De Leyva Architects | Landscape Studio
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Biologist and landscape designer Cristina de Leyva is the leader of a team of professionals who are dedicated to studying the necessities of each environment. Whether an existing garden is being restored or a new one is being created, we will always give it a Mediterranean feel that is unique to us.


We are fortunate to have a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers.

We don’t have the luxury of rainwater so we have to use plants that don’t require much watering, green and aromatic plants that surround us with beautiful scents when the sun is shining, low-maintenance native plant species, lawn that  doesn’t require excessive care and trees and palm trees that are adapted to our environment.



Choosing the most suitable plants for each project requires training, taste and vision.

Training: Building the knowledge to understand which plants are the most suitable according to the individual temperature, water and humidity conditions of each project.

Taste: Knowing how to combine colours, textures and shapes so they are in harmony with one another.

Vision: Predicting how the garden will evolve over time, taking important details into account such as the amount of space to leave between plants so that they don’t overlap each other.



The design of a garden has to be directly related to the design of the building so they complement each other and the work should be carried out by trained professionals.

Not everybody has the necessary awareness to be able to capture all the customer’s desires and needs, the knowledge to choose the perfect plant for each part of the garden and to get the best prices for each item.


We take care of everything to ensure you get the garden of your dreams.

We capture your ideas and desires in our designs

We meet face-to-face with our clients, listening to their ideas, commentaries, needs and tastes. We adapt them to the project in detail in order to create an exclusive design just for you.


Planting Plan

Once the design is decided upon, we get to work with the plants whilst always taking our customers’ tastes into account (scents, colours and textures).

We create a detailed plan: where to put each plant, including numbering and shaping each planting zone within the garden.

The result is a colourful and detailed map with photos of each plant to make it visual and attractive.


Building the Garden

We then prepare the quote for the garden including the prices of the plants, soils, grass, illuminations, irrigation and manual labour.

Once the price has been agreed, we will begin to create the garden when the housing construction allows. The projects will always be led by Cristina from when the first paving stone is laid until the last plant is planted.